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Precision Service, Elevated Driving

Experience the pinnacle of automotive care at Karthikeya Automotives in Hyderabad. Our expert team delivers precision services that elevate your driving experience, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best. Trust us to keep your ride in top-notch condition

Basic Kit

Streamline your life with our Periodic Kit – essentials for effortless organization, anytime.

Full Front

Maximize your ride's performance with our Full Car Service. Comprehensive care for a worry-free journey!

Complete Kit

Revitalize your ride with our Full Car Service - expert care, flawless finish, worry-free driving

Custom Kit

Personalized excellence in every detail. Our Full Car Care Service caters to your unique needs for a ride that reflects your style

our services

We provide professional auto detailing services

Paint Protection Film

Keep your car flawless with Paint Protection Film - the invisible shield against scratches and the elements

Ceramic Coating

years of protection, repelling water, dirt, and UV rays for a consistently shiny, low-maintenance car.

Car Detailing

Revitalize your ride with precision. Car detailing: expert care, meticulous cleaning, ultimate shine, every drive .

Window Tints

Window tints enhance privacy, reduce glare, and protect interiors, offering a sleek solution for comfort and style.
About us

Karthikeya Automotives in Hyderabad Your Drive, Our Passion.

At Karthikeya Automotives in Hyderabad, we redefine the automotive experience, seamlessly blending precision engineering with a passionate commitment to excellence. Our dedicated team ensures every drive is an extraordinary journey, crafting vehicles that embody innovation, reliability, and style. Explore a world where your automotive dreams come to life, as we meticulously design, service, and elevate your driving experience. Karthikeya Automotives in Hyderabad – where craftsmanship meets the road, and your journey becomes a masterpiece.

Why Choose us

Six Reasons People Choose Us

Quality Products

Uncompromising Excellence: Elevate Your Experience with Our Premium Quality Products

Easy scheduling

Simplify Your Schedule: Effortless and Efficient Solutions for Easy Scheduling

Expert team

Unleashing Excellence: Meet Our Expert Team of Visionaries and Pioneers at kartileya automotives

On Time Services

Stress-Free Repairs, Guaranteed On Time: On Time Services

Quick Response

Get Ahead of the Game: Access Quick Response Support

We Care

Drive with Confidence: On We Care Car, Your Car's Guardian Angel

working process

We’re dedicated to providing best quality service

Appointment Scheduling: Customers can schedule appointments online, by phone, or in person.


Check-In: Upon arrival, a service advisor greets the customer, discusses the repairs or maintenance needed, and completes a work order.

Diagnostic Testing: Technicians use specialized equipment to diagnose the problem and assess the extent of the repairs needed.

Visual Inspection: Technicians perform a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle to identify any other potential issues

  • Parts Procurement: The service department orders any necessary parts.
  • Repairs: Qualified technicians perform the repairs according to the manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards.
  • Quality Control: The work is inspected by a supervisor or quality control technician to ensure it meets all standards.
  • Final Inspection: The vehicle is washed and vacuumed, and a final inspection is performed to ensure everything is in working order.
  • Paperwork: The customer reviews the final bill and pays for the service.
  • The service department may follow up with the customer a few days or weeks later to see how the car is performing.
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